Uel Aramchek's Tarot Arcana

Lays Farra

In February 2015, Uel Aramchek, writer specializing in short, weird fiction, started to describe an additional set of arcana, modern ephemerals antipodes to the 22 traditional major arcana. I drew them soon afterwards and a Kickstarter was even made to print a live version of this Tarot. It consists of the 23 arcanas + 3 variants (two by Chris Bollinger and one by Judah Hardwick.
There are still some left, given I ordered a larger amount to get a discount and account for discrepancies in the delivery.

Want to buy one ?

I'll send them from Switzerland, until we run out of decks (there are approximately 70 as I am writing). You can order it on Paypal here, acording to which postal delivery zone you come from. If you want to order more than 3 decks, to sell them in a shop or whatnot, or if you want to pay with somthing else than Paypal please contact me.
Delivery time : depending on the country. According to the Swiss postal office [PDF] :

I wont be able to ship them the minute you ordered it, but i'll round the orders every one or two weeks and send you a message when it's done.


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