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The games series The Witcher and particularly its third opus, logically named the Witcher 3, has gotten some attention lately for its perceived lack of racial diversity in the design of its characters, which is racist and this game literally implies that people of color are not human :

It should be mentioned that The Witcher 3 deals with « racism, » but other « races » literally refers to different species: Elves, dwarves and other non-humans face bigotry.

Indeed, it shows again that humans are white humans and everyone else is non-human and oppressed. I’m not against racism being depicted; the game actually portrays racism and bigotry as bad. But even elves have the opportunity to exist. People of color don’t.

Again: This is literal dehumanizing of people of color. We are relegated to non-human species, whose treatment is supposed to mimic real-world racist policies. This sci-fi/fantasy trope of dealing with racism by showing inter-species treatment could work — if all the humans weren’t white.

If anything, making us short, bearded white Scottish men, or very white, pointy-eared thin people reinforces how dismissed we are — by not even being considered human.

Some people were eager to respond that given the fact that the game was set in a wilfully slavic setting, a wilfully slavic mythology, you should expect slavic people to play the part. Doing otherwise would be PC gone mad and imposing american standards of representativity to cultures that have also been marginalized which is also racist. An easy answer would be that given the Witcher 3 has sold 4 million copies in two weeks, its public largely exceeds Poland, and the game should be expected to be judged by different standards.